Results of probes into claims against Saudi

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Al-Mansour detailed the steps taken to review the allegations regarding several military operations of the coalition in Yemen from 2015 to 2019.

RIYADH, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- The Saudi-led coalition involved in the war in Yemen on Wednesday revealed the results of the investigations into claims against the coalition, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The coalition denied wrongdoing in some operations, including the targeting of a market in Sa'ada in July this year and a fishing boat in Sanaa in 2015.

The results were announced by Mansour Al-Mansour, spokesman of the coalition's Joint Incidents Assessment Team in Yemen, at a press conference in the capital Riyadh.

For more than four years, Saudi Arabia has been leading the war in Yemen against the Iran-allied Houthi rebels in support of the Yemeni exiled government.